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Fast Company: GAF Energy Bringing Energy to Every Roof

TC Backer

Martin DeBono, President of GAF Energy, sat down with Adele Peters of Fast Company to discuss the launch of Timberline Solar™ the company’s latest solar solution. The concept seems obvious: Why put solar panels on a roof when you could just make the roof out of solar panels? Timberline Solar™ has the potential to radically speed up the adoption of home solar – with an affordable, aesthetic solar roofing solution. The Timberline Solar Energy Shingle™ is the roof. 

After several rounds of innovation, GAF Energy has succeeded in developing a solar shingle that generates energy and meets the demands of a standard roofing shingle. In the article, DeBono commented: “All you need to install the solar shingle is a nail gun. It goes up just like a regular shingle that can be nailed on the roof like any other shingle.”

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