4th Annual 21 Turkey Salute

Join TC Backer Construction
on Thanksgiving Eve in York
to share warm meals with
our beloved community.

1PM until ???

Block Party at
24 S Penn St, York, PA
hosted by Union Lutheran

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21 Turkey Salute 2023

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TC Backer Roofing

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FOX43: Fried turkey for a cause: York business gives back to community

Hundreds gathered for good food and great company in downtown York.

Author: Madeline Cuddihy
Published: 3:29 PM EST November 24, 2021
Updated: 8:23 PM EST November 24, 2021

YORK, Pa. — Surrounded by barrels of hot oil and lots of fried turkey may seem like a dream, but this fried food is more than just a delicious dish for the community, it’s also a world record breaker, according to business owner Ty Backer.

“So last year we started what was called 21 turkey salute,” he says. “We found out that the Guinness book of world records was 20 turkeys, so we just thought we will do 21…So goodbye to the old record and hello to the new record…and this year we did more than that so we did 22 turkeys.”

Backer, a local business owner and the event organizer, said for him, the world record for fried turkeys sparked the idea – but it’s helping the greater York community that made him want to start the daylong event.

“There was so much negativity last year going on and we just really wanted to do something positive. I’m grateful that I’m able to do this. You know, that’s me being thankful. Showing my love showing my support for a community that’s been so gracious to me,” Backer said.

The event, which gives away full Thanksgiving meals to whoever stops by, is a major production that Backer says he couldn’t do without his amazing team.

“That gives me the warm fuzzies…this community is our why, and these people are our how.”

The “how” behind the event are people like Chris Baker, or “turkey dropper #1,” who says this event is more than just about feeding people.

“It doesn’t matter where you’re from, if you’re from outside of York, everyone can come down here no judgement…No one should have to go hungry… Everyone can just eat, be happy,” Baker says.

A meal to be thankful for, with people who feel blessed to give back.


WGAL News 8: 2nd annual 21 Turkey Salute held in York

Thanksgiving meal giveaway begins at 1 p.m.

WGAL Updated: 12:47 PM EST Nov 24, 2021
Ed Weinstock

YORK, Pa. —
A community feast is being held Wednesday afternoon in York.

The 2nd annual 21 Turkey Salute is sponsored by TC Backer Construction.

Sixty turkeys are being deep-fried outside the Union Evangelical Lutheran Church on South Penn Street.

The event starts at 1 p.m. Anyone who stops by will get a free meal.